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Artist: Nic Leocadio

Nic is currently a resident of West Park's Service. He says "art has always been an outlet for my inner emotions. I like art because I can be creative and can do it on my own terms. When painting, I like to imagine the final outcome and paint towrds that vision." An accomplished mouth-painter, Nic also enjoys digital photography. Some of his works are featured below.





- Nic Leocadio -





























Artist : Diedre Samuels

Deidre (Dee) is a resident of West Park's CAVC service. In high school Dee expressed her artistic talent through glass and ceramic painting. Currently she has been exploring the mediums of photography and water colour. Few of her works are featured below.




- Diedre Samuels -























26.10.08 -Live Charity Auction @ Liberty Grande, Toronto, Ontario































26.10.08 - Live ART Charity @ West End Gallery for Chronic Assissted Ventilatory Care at West Park Healthcare Center